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Thank you for your interest in purchasing my work. For the moment, the only way to buy is through Maker's Place, a platform enabling artists' to sell their work in limited edition series on the Ethereum blockchain. (Upon purchase, you also receive the original file, so you will be able to print it at a local professional printer at full resolution).

You can pay using your credit card, or using your Ethereum balance.


Most of my fine art pieces have been published in limited edition series of 5. As of 2020, any new fine art pieces will be published as unique, 1 of 1 pieces. Also, if you're interested in being the only owner of one of the series of 5 pieces, I'm open to offers of 3x the asking price, in which case, after you have purchased the piece, I will "burn" the remaining editions, guaranteeing your unique ownership.

Also, after your purchase, please get in contact with me. With work published before 2019, the file uploaded to MakersPlace was not the highest resolution, due to past resolution upload limits, so I'd love to send the original to you.

More about                            from their homepage:

2019-09-09 14_31_20-MakersPlace - Discov
2019-09-09 14_33_22-MakersPlace - Discov
2019-09-09 14_33_06-MakersPlace - Discov
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