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We find meaning in things like no other living thing. And it all comes from an evolutionary development that started out helping us merely survive: Pattern recognition, and seeing agency and/or meaning often where there is none. (Pareidolia)

This series is (obviously) inspired by the famous Rorschach test. I tried to completely avoid any form of pareidolia while creating them (not so easy!). I changed parameters until I liked the patterns and that was it, and then added the black circle, which is meant to represent the identity of the observer (you, looking at the art) as part of the art as you find meaning in it.

After their creation, I decided I wanted different people to write the descriptions, describing what they saw in each piece. This way, it becomes an interactive collection with the observers becoming part of the art through exhibiting pareidolia in-action in their own brains.

The first 5 were done by me, and the second 5 by wonderful @alejandraher18 (Twitter account). In future pieces of the collection, I'll get more people to take part. If you'd like to write a description of one or more pieces yet to be published, please let me know.

Minted on their own contract.

Rorschaos A1
Rorschaos A2
Rorschaos A3
Rorschaos A4
Rorschaos A5
Rorschaos A6
Rorschaos A7
Rorschaos A8
Rorschaos A9
Rorschaos A10
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