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The seed for this idea was first planted after watching the new "Cosmos" documentary series in 2015, with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Anyone who has seen it, or read the book "Cosmos" by the legend Carl Sagan, on which both the old and new series are based, perhaps will have thought the same thing as I: everyone should see/read this!

So I'm doing my part, by creating art inspired by each episode, with the hope that it will lead a few people to watch Cosmos and wonder at the marvels of science.

A semente para esta ideia foi plantada quando assisti a série documentario "Cosmos" em 2015, com Neil deGrasse Tyson. Qualquer um que tenha visto, ou lido o livro "Cosmos" da lenda Carl Sagan, em que se baseiam as séries antiga e nova, talvez tenha pensado o mesmo que eu: todos devem ver / ler isso!

Então, estou fazendo a minha parte, criando arte inspirada em cada episódio, com a esperança de que motivem algumas pessoas a assistir Cosmos e admirar as maravilhas da ciência.

The Eye of Giordano

The Eye of Giordano

"I await your sentence with less fear than you pass it. The time will come when all will see what I see."

"I beg you, reject antiquity, tradition, faith, and authority! Let us begin anew by doubting everything we assume has been proven!"

"In space there are countless constellations, suns and planets; we see only the suns because they give light; the planets remain invisible, for they are small and dark."

- Giordano Bruno (1548 - 1600)

All my work is for sale on Maker's Place in limited edition series on the Ethereum blockchain. Maker's Place makes it easy to buy & collect art with either Ethereum or a credit card.

Todo o meu trabalho está à venda no Maker's Place em series de edição limitada no blockchain do Ethereum. Com eles, é fácil comprar arte, com ou Ethereum ou cartão de crédito.

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