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If the many-worlds theory is correct; if the multiverse exists, then there are infinite universes existing "alongside" each other, each with its own unique set of laws of energy and physics. It's not likely that we'll ever get to understand, let alone see, these other universes, even if we did prove their existence. But since there would be INFINITE worlds - well, that leaves room even for my limited, human imagination...

Thus this "Infiniverse" is a small snapshot, taken from my mind, of what some of these worlds, and the portals that bridge them, might look like.


It is also part of my "The First" series of sci-fi stories/pieces.

Si la teoría de los muchos mundos es correcta; si el multiverso existe, entonces hay infinitos universos que existen "junto a" los demás, cada uno con su propio conjunto único de leyes de energía y física. No es probable que alguna vez lleguemos a comprender, y mucho menos ver, estos otros universos, incluso si probamos su existencia. Pero dado que habría mundos INFINITOS, bueno, eso deja espacio hasta para mi limitada imaginación humana...

Por lo tanto, este "Infiniverso" es una pequeña instantánea, tomada de mi mente, de cómo podrían verse algunos de estos mundos y los portales que los unen.


También es parte de mi serie "The First" de historias/piezas de sci-fi.

Async Art Blueprint: The Infiniverse

I'm sure most of you know what Async blueprints are, but just in case, here is a short explainer:

Async Art allows artists to be creative in dynamic ways. One of those ways is with what they call blueprints. Essentially, a buyer will mint a unique 1/1 on their site, and watch as it is created from various layers in front of their eyes. The artist chooses how many editions and how many layers the piece will have.

In the case of The Infiniverse, each InfiniGate has four layers. Each layer has the possibility of being one of 9 different options. For example, Conlan, the founder of Async, minted this piece:

2023-06-24 17_26_26-work.psd _ 16.7% (Layer 45, RGB_8) _.png

As you can see, the piece is made up of 4 layers: The background (or outer universe), the inner universe, the portal, and the anomalies:

2023-06-24 17_27_53-work.psd _ 16.7% (Layer 23, RGB_8) _.png
2023-06-24 17_27_40-work.psd _ 16.7% (Layer 23, RGB_8) _.png
2023-06-24 17_27_14-work.psd _ 16.7% (Layer 125, RGB_8) _.png

For each of those layers, I created 9 different variations. So 9 portals, 9 anomalies, etc.

Therefore, when you mint one on the Async website, your unique edition will be one of 6561 possible Infinigates, except I've limited the editions to 500, including 5 "Legend" editions. Here are some of the already-minted Infinigates:

2023-06-24 18_01_57-The Infiniverse by Mandelsage _ Async Market and 17 more pages - Perso

If you'd like an Infinigate of your own, you can mint one for 0.1 ETH: Click here to go to the Infiniverse Async Art page.

The First

Something few people have realised is that the Infinigates are part of a greater story, which I began telling with the making of my "The First" series of five pieces. The very first Infinigate, which opened up the Multiverse to life from our universe, was created by the species known to humanity only as "The First/Last/Best".

One of their Dyson Rings, a later design, was put to work around a star thaat was close to supernova-ing into a black hole. Once that happened, in ways that not even The First fully understand, a portal was opened up into a different universe, giving their Great Purpose (finding and cataloguing all the beauty and life in existence) much more ground to cover.

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