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Ed. #1

Friends, collectors, cryptonauts, lend me thine ears! 

If you are reading this, it means you are one of the above. A good friend of mine, a collector of my work, someone who has accompanied me in this space from the beginning, or all of the above!

It's my pleasure to welcome you to this secret page. "What's all this about?", I hear you ask...

It's simply this: I felt I needed a place where I could share things with you, the people closest to me on this journey, without depending on the transient and fickle Twitter timeline. I needed something more personal, more custom-made, and something more comfortable, for me and for you.

Thus, here we are. I will recreate this page every two to three weeks, giving you a glimpse into the inner world of Mandelsage: Art I am working on, personal thoughts that don't make it to Twitter, and a general vision of the path ahead.

For this first edition, however, I want to keep it short and show only this:

You may have seen the Enigma Vault in my last few GM tweets. This was minted back in December 2020 when I joined Crowley's "EBC" - The Enigma Bazaar Collective. It was a different Age of Crypto back then. My "Virus-X" had just sold to Jan, now a good friend, for over $763 (1.618 ETH at the time) on Maker's Place, amid other smaller sales, and I was feeling amazing.

That is the biggest clue as to what is inside the vault (besides going and reading the description ;P).

Then, after a few weeks, I made a longer animation, called "The Seed of Potential". It was supposed to be minted with EBC but life had other plans for Crowley ;P so that didn't happen. Thus, finally, I have decided to mint it as the first piece of a very special contract: Mycelium. It is in "The Seed of Potential" that the above Vault is opened ;) ..



This is the beginning of something special. Perhaps something big. I decided on "Mycelium" as the contract name because, besides being a big fan of mushrooms, mycelium spreads out, probes its surroundings, and flourishes from them. To me, it represents the transformation of the old into the new; the creative process; the exploration of the unknown, and subsequent growth. Not to mention, mycelium growth is a classic example of fractals in nature ;)


The pieces I intend to mint on 'Mycelium' will be 3D fractal explorations. They will sometimes be metaphors for my own real-life experiences as I too explore my surroundings and grow. But other times, they will be explorations for the sake of appreciating the beauty of maths alone.

And finally, here's the part I'm particularly happy about:  "The Seed of Potential" is an open edition, free-to-claim, and only whitelisted for you. The piece is a metaphor for my very beginning explorations into using fractals to create art, and I felt it extremely fitting that it went to those who have been with me over all these years. Thank you so much for your kind support and for your friendship - invaluable things in this volatile, 160mph space <3 - The claim page link:


Otherwise, being here means other things for you:

  • You'll be the first to know about any new/upcoming art.

  • Automatically on any whitelisted work.

  • Surprise airdrops of pieces made only for you.

  • Privy to my deepest darkest secret thoughts as expressed on this secret page ;P

As I said, this is a special beginning - I'm more focused than ever on developing myself as an artist of fractals, A.I. and code. I've already begun combining all these things and I look forward to sharing everything with you as it all becomes ready. Thank you, truly, for being here with me.

And thank you for reading all this! The plan is to write these secret webpage updates once every two - three weeks. 

Much love

P.S. - I did actually just update the whole website, and there's more to do. So please check it out =)

Claim "The Seed of Potential" on Manifold

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